East Cobb Sports Camp

What makes East Cobb Sports Camp special?


East Cobb Sports Camp offers a place for each camper to shine, no matter what their strengths are. We not only offer sports, but arts and crafts and strategic games, as well as time to get to know new friends and become close with the counselors as well.


We've also created an environment of healthy competition, that motivates our campers to work hard individually, and work together for each other. On the first day of camp, we assign our campers to a team. Campers are awarded points in multiple activities - we have sports tournaments, relay races, fun games like Simon Says and Red Light Green Light, art competitions, and more! Points are also awarded for excellent behavior, such as good sportsmanship or good listening. The campers are not competing at all times, but it makes the games even more exciting when they know they are competing for points for their team! The winning team is recognized at the end of the week, and all campers receive a prize.

Our Campers

One of our favorite parts about camp is getting to know the families that we meet for the first time, and getting to know the families that we already know even better. Our campers are our first priority, and we take pride in getting to know them. At the end of every week of camp, on Friday, we host an awards ceremony for the campers, where every camper is given an award based on what stood out about them. In the past, we've given awards such as Funniest Camper, Most Creative Camper, Friendliest Camper, etc. 


Most importantly, we make sure our campers are always having fun and being safe!